Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Ageless Woman

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Originally, I started the post here and it was going to be a short snippet of information regarding this woman's website and a couple of videos with a little information and that was going to be it but it turned into a full article and articles go on my life blog at FlameBrio.

So I finished the article and posted it there. By Rachel Holbert-Jones

Hello And Welcome

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Originally published on March 16, 2017.

Update: I'm taking this blog in a slightly different direction than one picture a day or pictures period. Here I go over some of the things that interest me reading wise in addition to pictures. Probably not pictures everyday. It is one of my first blogs and I'm not ready to delete it. So I figure it must have some value. To me at least. I last updated this blog two years ago.

Welcome to my blog. This is more of a one picture a day or rather every few days type blog. I've used this blog for a variety of different posts. I posted photos for awhile but I posted more photos on another blog I call Merefotos. I have two haunted blogs, two writing blogs. Two blogs which are on my own domain. This I started almost a year ago, left it for awhile because I was so caught up in other things. Now I'm back and instead of posting several pictures I'll only post one at a time with hopefully a short story to go with it. I have several other blogs, a couple with photos, three with photos and two about hauntings and two that are strictly writing blogs and I still have my articles at hubpages.

I decided out of the blue to restart this blog.

My other blogs are at The Haunted CarolinasSassygrrl325VeSassygrrl32-PhotoBlogger and you can read my articles at Hubpages. Peace.....

By Rachel Holbert-Jones