Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hello And Welcome

Welcome to my blog. This is more of a one picture a day or rather every few days type blog. I've used this blog for a variety of different posts. I posted photos for awhile but I posted more photos on another blog I call Merefotos. I have two haunted blogs, two writing blogs. Two blogs which are on my own domain. This I started almost a year ago, left it for awhile because I was so caught up in other things. Now I'm back and instead of posting several pictures I'll only post one at a time with hopefully a short story to go with it. I have several other blogs, a couple with photos, three with photos and two about hauntings and two that are strictly writing blogs and I still have my articles at hubpages.

I decided out of the blue to restart this blog.

My other blogs are at The Haunted CarolinasSassygrrl325VeSassygrrl32-PhotoBlogger and you can read my articles at Hubpages. Peace.....

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