Thursday, March 16, 2017

Old Truck Texas

What a cool old truck. I saw this on a rainy day in Texas just as I was leaving Fredricksburg so I stopped to photograph it. I took three photos. There are many old cars and trucks sitting on the side of the road especially in and around Route 66 although route 66 is nowhere near this town in Texas. It just goes to show how many people love antiques, classics and vintage items. Of course american made automobiles are iconic and there's nothing like it. It's a era we will never see again but long for some of the things that existed thoughout this period in history. There aren't too many things I would want from this bygone era but the old classic automobiles are cool even though I would never want to own one. They're just too big for my taste and gas mileage is horrendous I'm sure so I'll take my little gas saver and even my midsize any day of the week but it's nice to see this era is not completely gone and reminds me of a time when my dad, his dad and my great grandfather and other relatives existed and lived and they knew nothing of the time we live in now with our ipads, ipods, tablets, smartphones, bluetooth, netflix, gps, wifi and just about every other technological advance we can think of and new things hitting the market every day. In this trucks day there was no FordSync or Onstar but people still marvelled at it sitting on a car lot all pristine and shiny waiting for a new owner to take it home. Now the best we can hope for is someone brings this truck and others like it back from near death and allow it to stay on the road a little while longer so the children of this generation can see what their great grandfather's drove without having to see it only on a big screen TV and never seeing it up close.

This truck was near Fredricksburg Texas on Texas State Road 16.

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Hello And Welcome

Welcome to my blog. This is more of a one picture a day or rather every few days type blog. I've used this blog for a variety of different posts. I posted photos for awhile but I posted more photos on another blog I call Merefotos. I have two haunted blogs, two writing blogs. Two blogs which are on my own domain. This I started almost a year ago, left it for awhile because I was so caught up in other things. Now I'm back and instead of posting several pictures I'll only post one at a time with hopefully a short story to go with it. I have several other blogs, a couple with photos, three with photos and two about hauntings and two that are strictly writing blogs and I still have my articles at hubpages.

I decided out of the blue to restart this blog.

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